Letter: Angels Present in Courtroom for Temple Trespassing Case


I went to New Name Noah’s trial and I was just so excited to be present for such an eternally significant event, as the Lord punished a willful apostate in the judicial system. I just knew I couldn’t miss it! I was thrilled when the witness from the Church entered the room, I could feel the spirit of the Lord with him. It completely wiped away the dark aura that apostasy brings. 

No cell phones were allowed, nor was any food, but a faithful police officer and member of the church snuck me popcorn, which was definitely a tender mercy! I sat back and watched everything unfold. I knew the Holy Ghost was present during the entire thing and I could see him quickening the prosecutor, the judge, and confounding Mike and his attorney. It was truly a testimony building experience.

At one point I was moved to tears, and I looked over and saw an inexplicable light coming from the private room where the churches witnesses were. I looked around and no one but me seemed to notice the light, which surprised me because it was super bright! Then I saw the police officer looking in awe, his face shining, it was an Angel! We must have been the only active members with the baptism of the Holy Ghost because no else saw it!

I testify that the Lord’s work is alive and well, and while the punishment was not harsh like my relief society sisters prayed for, an angel in the courthouse made me realize that we really are in the last days and we need to prepare for a return our Savior and blood atonement.

Ruth Abish Young

Editorial Note: While the Deseret Expositor is impartial to religious preference, we believe that the stronger faith of members of the Church, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints would have resulted in a greater temporal punishment in this trial.

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